Virtual Meeting

The following complete Sessions are included in the Virtual Meeting in a side-by-side format including a video of the presenter and the synced slides:

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The Virtual Meeting includes 17 hours and 40 minutes of video and synced slides in a side-by-side format for 21 complete sessions as well as pdf versions of the slides for 5 sessions (see below) not captured by video due to a power outage in the City of San Francisco which occurred during the meeting (when only essential power could be utilized for the presentations). Out of concern for copyright issues, some industry sponsored sessions are not included in the Virtual Meeting and the slides are not available. The poster session and one of the Rapid Fire abstract sessions is also not available. Please note that the slides can not be downloaded.

Virtual Meeting – Video and Synced Slides: 17 hours & 40 minutes

For full details of the sessions, please browse the Interactive Online Program

Session 01: The value of Comprehensive Genomic Profiling, including immunotherapy & liquid biopsy options, Moderators: Kashani-Sabet/Kim, Sponsored by Foundation Medicine, Inc., Industry Sponsored Breakfast Session (Non-CME), Chair/s: Kevin Kim, Mohammed Kashani-Sabet

Session 02: Opening Remarks – Mayor’s Welcome & Dr. Warren Browner, CEO of the California Pacific Medical Center, Plenary Session (CME), Chair/s: Jonathan S. Zager, Stanley P.L. Leong

Session 03: Clinical Utility of Sentinel Lymph Nodes, Charles M. Balch, MD, Donald Morton Surgical Oncology Memorial Lecture, Keynote Session (CME), Chair/s: Stanley P.L. Leong

Session 04: Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Initiation and Progression, Plenary Session (CME), Chair/s: Athena Aktipis, Stanley P.L. Leong

Session 05: Tumor Growth and Metastatic Spread, Plenary Session (CME), Chair/s: Donald M. McDonald, Marlys Hearst Witte

Session 06: Prognostic Biomarkers in Malignant Melanoma, Sponsored by Castle Biosciences, Industry Sponsored Lunch Session (Non-CME), Chair/s: Jonathan S. Zager

Session 07: Biomarkers for Cancer Metastasis, Plenary Session (CME), Chair/s: Dave S.B. Hoon, Isaac P. Witz

Session 09: Sentinel Lymph Node: Incubator or Marker for Cancer Metastasis?, Plenary Session (CME), Chair/s:, Dale Han, Douglas S. Reintgen

Session 11: Clinical Considerations for Treatment in Advanced Melanoma, Speaker: Jonathan Zager, MD, Sponsored by Amgen, Industry Sponsored Breakfast Session (Non-CME)

Session 17: Translating the Promise of Academic Research into Reality: Industry – Regulatory – Academic -Foundation Town Hall Meeting, Plenary Session (Non-CME), Chair/s: John V. Frangioni

Session 18: RealTime Personalized Molecular Medicine For Monitoring CTC In Melanoma Patients Receiving CheckPoint Inhibitors, Speaker: Dave S. B. Hoon, PhD, Sponsored by Clearbridge BioMedics, Plenary Session (Non-CME)

Session 19: Immuno-Oncology: A CRO’s Perspective, Jai Balkissoon, MD, FACS, Plenary Session (Non-CME)

Session 20: The Laboratory Testing to Complement Immuno-Oncology Therapy for Melanoma, Thomas Moss, MD, Plenary Session (Non-CME)

Session 22: Rapid Fire Abstract Session: Cancer Metastasis & Treatment, Rapid Fire Abstract Session (Non-CME), Chair/s:, Mark B. Faries, Richard L. White, Jr.

Session 23: Late Breaking Rapid Fire Oral Abstract Presentations, Rapid Fire Abstract Session (Non-CME), Chair/s:, Dale Han, Jonathan S. Zager

Session 24: Novel Technology for Sentinel Lymph Node Imaging, Sponsored by Curadel, LLC, Industry Sponsored Breakfast Session (Non-CME), Chair/s: John V. Frangioni, Alessandro Achille Enrico Testori

Session 25: PhysioTouch negative pressure treatment supports lymphedema and cancer survivor rehabilitation workshop, Sponsored by PhysioTouch, Plenary Session (Non-CME), Chair/s: Mike J. Bernas, Saskia R.J. Thiadens

Session 26: Advances in Treatment for Gastrointestinal & Genitourinary Cancer based on Sentinel Lymph Node Biology, Plenary Session (CME), Chair/s: Sukamal Saha, Timothy G. Wilson

Session 27: PATIENT SUMMIT – Lymphedema Following Cancer Therapy: Treatment Controversies, Mini-Symposium (CME), Chair/s: Mike J. Bernas, Saskia R.J. Thiadens

Session 30: Radiotherapy of Cancer, Plenary Session (CME), Chair/s: Baldassarre Stea, Roy E. Abendroth

Session 31: Trainee & Young Investigator Awardee Oral Abstract Presentations, Plenary Session (CME), Chair/s: Stanley P.L. Leong, Barbara Pockaj

PDF version of Presentations ONLY, no video (this is a work in progress, please check back by 25 June, 2017 for more PDF’s)

Session 12: Henry Ford Health System Breast Cancer Metastasis to the Regional Lymph Nodes and Beyond – Mini-Symposium (CME), Chair/s: Barbara Pockaj, S. David Nathanson

12.01: Introduction to Henry Ford Health System Breast Cancer Metastasis to the Regional Lymph Nodes and Beyond, S. David Nathanson

12-05 Targeted Axillary Dissection (TAD) for Breast Cancer: Less is More, Henry Kuerer

12-06 Molecular heterogeneity of breast cancer in different racial groups, Lisa Newman

Session 13: Novel Frontiers in Detecting Cancer Metastasis, Plenary Session (Non-CME), Chair/s: Mohammed Kashani-Sabet, Stanley P.L. Leong  (presentations TBA)

Session 15: Advances in Cancer Treatment, Plenary Session (CME), Chair/s:, John K. Chan, Kevin Kim

15-02 Latest development in targeted therapy in solid tumors, Kevin Kim

15-03 Extended survival time correlates to immunological changes in circulating lymphocytes of patients with pancreatic cancer after NK cell-enriched cell therapy: A retrospective study., Akihiro Shimosaka, Junichi Masuyama

Session 16: Molecular Imaging of Cancer Metastasis, Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD, Keynote Session (CME), Chair/s: Stanley P.L. Leong

Session 16: Molecular Imaging of Cancer Metastasis, Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, MD, PhD KEYNOTE PRESENTATION