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View the Special Issue from the The 7th Int’l Congress on Cancer Metastasis which was held in April, 2017

Dear Prospective Industry Partner,

As organizers of the 8th International Cancer Metastasis Congress, 25-27, 2019 at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway, San Francisco, California, we invite your participation and support. This is a very exciting time to be involved in cancer research!

The program follows the journey of cancer metastasis from detection at the molecular level to genomic identification to precision treatment and survival.

With more detailed understanding of the genomic and molecular characteristics of cancer, we are closer towards the practice of precision medicine with tailored approaches to individual patient or groups of patients. It is our plan to address these issues in detail with the goal to bring basic scientists, oncologists, surgeons and radiologists from around the world together to allow cross-fertilization of ideas resulting in the translation of basic science into clinical application and challenging basic scientists with clinical issues. We hope that with advancements in cancer biology, treatment and care, caner survivors may live longer and enjoy an improved quality of life than before.

Target Audience: Based on the attendance history we anticipate 175 – 225 participants, a collegial atmosphere with ample opportunity to network and meet with every attendee with a potential interest in your product or services. These attendees will be primarily physicians (75%) specializing in surgery, oncology, molecular imaging, plastic surgery, radiation oncology, hematology, thoracic medicine with the remainder a mixture of predominately PhD/scientists from both academia and biotechnology as well as a smaller groups of attendees who are in training, regulatory or from industry.

Please review the 2017 final program and contact Joan Oefner if the international, multi-disciplinary participants of this CME Program are potential customers for your company. We are happy to customize a sponsorship package based on your company’s specific needs and requirements.

The Congess is sponsored by the Sentinel Node Oncology Foundation, a 501( c )( 3 ) non-profit organization founded in 2003 to advance the care and treatment of patients with solid cancer and to help develop new preventative strategies, diagnostics, and treatments.

A Special Issue of Clinical and Experimental Metastasis will be published by Springer In the Spring of 2021 including review article of selected lectures. Please view the 2017 meeting’s Special Issue above.

In addition to plenary sessions with distinguished guest faculty, time will be allotted for integrated oral abstract presentations and e-Poster sessions peer-selected from submitted abstracts by attendees, young investigators and trainees. Select members of the Organizing Committee will chair Mini-Symposia on topics such as:

  • Cancer Metastasis Models from Melanoma, Breast Cancer, Gynecological Cancer and Others
  • Molecular Targeting and Immunotherapy Based on Immune Checkpoint Inhibition
  • Molecular Imaging of Cancer Metastasis which will focus on the newest advances being made, future directions and translational challenges

Half of the Ballroom (which can be divided) has been reserved for the Posters, commercial exhibits and industry sponsored breakfast and lunch symposia on the most significant cancers or oncology topics related to late breaking results from clinical trials in cancer therapy, for maximum exposure to the participants and will be open throughout the 3 days of the Congress.

We are confident that this 3 day CME accredited activity in San Francisco will make a significant impact by updating the oncologists with the latest development in cancer therapy and bringing the clinical relevance of cancer metastasis to the basic scientists.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!


Stanley P. L. Leong, MD, Co-Chair
President, Sentinel Node Oncology Foundation
Chief of Cutaneous Oncology
Associate Director of the Melanoma Program
Center for Melanoma Research and Treatment
California Pacific Medical Center
Senior Scientist
California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute, San Francisco, USA

Jonathan S. Zager, MD, Co-Chair
Treasurer, Sentinel Node Oncology Foundation
Professor of Surgery, Cutaneous Oncology and Sarcoma Departments
Chair of Graduate Medical Education
Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, USA

For more information on how participate in the 8th International Cancer Metastasis Congress, please contact the Symposium Manager, Joan Oefner by Email.