It was an honor to participate in this great meeting. I always learn something when I attend and even in the face of extreme hurdles, Stanley’s strong leadership carried us through to the end.

I loved the multidisciplinary approach to selecting speakers and topics, even within this narrow subject, because it went beyond the typical medical oncology, surgery, and pathology into basic biology, networks, and social theory

This was my first time attending this conference, and it was excellent.  I appreciated the collegiality, the opportunity to meet scientists and practitioners from different parts of the world, and the richness of the material and discussions.

Dr. Stanley Leong did a marvelous job hosting the meeting, supporting the speakers and stimulating the discussions after the talks.  Also, when the power went down in S.F. for 6 hours, he was amazing at figuring out Plans A,B,C and D!

Great meeting and happy that the oncological world interest in the lymphatics and lymphedema is increasing.

Thank you to the conference committee for inviting therapists, patients and caregivers to the Special Lymphedema Symposium held this past Saturday. Providing a place for community, education and conversation about the Lymphatic System is so very important. Hopefully more conferences will follow your lead and create a space for doctors and laypeople to share information with one another.