Non-CME Educational Session

RealTime Personalized Molecular Medicine For Monitoring CTC In Melanoma Patients Receiving CheckPoint Inhibitors

Emerald Ballroom A April 21, 2017 5:20 pm - 5:50 pm

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Dave S. B. Hoon, PhD

Blood biopsy in cancer patients has come into clinical fruition in the last several years. The approach provides realtime precision molecular medicine with clinical utility. Blood biopsy can consist of circulating tumor cells(CTC) in which both RNA and DNA biomarkers can be assessed.  The utilization of modern molecular techniques and instruments has recently allowed better quantification and assessment of CTC. Melanoma is highly metastatic cancers whereby we have shown molecular analysis of CTCs are important prognostic factors in early and late stage disease. With the improvement in therapy efficacy in melanoma patients, blood biopsies become a necessary tool to monitor and make clinical decisions more rapidly and efficiently than traditional approaches to provide effective realtime precision medicine treatments. Studies in blood biopsy are moving fast forward although clinical utility still needs to be developed for specific stages and status of cancer patients.  I will discuss our approach of assessing CTC using the ClearCell FX1 microfluidic system using the CTchip FR (Clearbridge BioMedics).   Will demonstrate our approach of monitoring CTC in melanoma patients receiving CheckPoint inhibitors. Downstream assays include multimarker mRNA melanoma genes and BRAF V600E mutation, and cell culturing.  Our studies demonstrate the utility of microfluidic CTC isolation and downstream molecular assays for monitoring melanoma patients

This session is sponsored by: Clearbridge BioMedics