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About Oncovision’s cutting edge technology

Oncovision is a leading provider of innovative medical imaging devices used by surgeons, radiologists, oncologists and nuclear physicians for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Oncovision has grown into a dynamic brand in a technologically competitive, high-growth industry. Oncovision has offices in Boston, USA and Valencia, Spain and sells its products in over 30 markets through a combination of direct sales and distributors.

Through a strong internal pipeline, Oncovision boasts a clinical and preclinical product line. Clinical product line includes market-leading Sentinella, a unique intra-operative Gamma Camera and the revolutionary MAMMI PET, a breast cancer diagnostic device capable of visualising lesions of less than 2mm and quantifying tumor activity. Oncovision completes its portfolio with Wprobe, the gold standard in radioguided surgery and Albira a device leading preclinical research to new levels.

Oncovision has distinguished itself through the ability to successfully develop and bring to the market innovative products to generate significant benefits on patients, and is committed to continue that trend. Also, the company plans to bring forth technical and clinical solutions for an accurate diagnosis and treatment of cancer, providing the highest-quality, best-performing products.

Oncovision has a strong commitment in the battle against cancer. We work every day on developing new technologies to empower physicians and patients around the world. If you have already been diagnosed, we would like to help you find all the relevant information you should know about cancer because knowledge is power.

The majority of cancer deaths are due to the unique properties of cancer cells to invade locally and the capacity to metastasize to distant sites. The lymph nodes near the tumor are the first sites of metastasis. Thanks to our radio-surgery equipment, Sentinella, doctors and surgeons can localize and remove these affected nodes, avoiding metastasis spread.

Despite the difficulty to fight a cancer disease, today, the advances of technology in different medical fields have made it possible for molecular imaging to be a an important tool for evaluating and managing the care of patients.

If you have breast cancer, Mammi, our dedicated breast PET Scan, based on molecular imaging, is the best complementary exploration tool to confirm the diagnosis in non-conclusive mammograms, even in dense breast or with prosthesis. A scan with Mammi can make the difference. Thanks to its accuracy, earlier diagnosis and visualization of very small tumors is now possible even before it can be distinguished with general screening technologies. Our technology is helping doctors and surgeons around the world determine the extent or severity of the disease allowing the selection of the most effective therapy based on the unique biologic characteristics of the patient and the molecular properties of the tumor.

As we want to support you in overcoming cancer, on this website you will find all the relevant foundations, support groups, and associations which can bring you all their support and advice on the fight against cancer. If you are a local, national or international association, or cancer foundation, and would like to be included on our list, please send an email to: marketing@oncovision.com.