Metastasis Research Society (MRS)

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The Metastasis Research Society (MRS) is an international, 31-year-old, US-registered, 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is comprised of dedicated career metastatic researchers, clinicians, members of industry, and entrepreneurs. The MRS is focused entirely on metastatic cancer research specifically and has members from many countries. Our broad vision is to de-throne metastasis as a disease that steals lives by obtaining research results that translate to patients having a decent quality of life while managing metastasis as a chronic condition, with the ultimate goal of achieving a cure.

The mission of the MRS is to support progressive research on processes fundamental to metastasis. This includes supporting the exchange of information between researchers, clinicians, industry, and patients globally.  We also strive to educate the public about metastatic cancer and raise awareness about the funding discrepancy for metastatic research worldwide.  We will be opening up to patient/advocate/caregiver membership by November of 2016, and are actively advocating for more cancer research funding from Congress on October 13th in Washington, DC with metastatic patient partners.

Our scientific mission is realized through global interactions and collaborations among members, the organization of a major Metastasis Research Society Congresses held every two years (alternating between the Western and Eastern hemispheres), and the publication of high quality, peer-reviewed research papers and reviews in the official journals of the Society, Clinical and Experimental Metastasis and Cancer and Metastasis Reviews.

Our most recent International Biennial Congress on metastasis took place in Chengdu, China from September 16-20th, 2016.  The success of this congress made Chinese national news:

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